Genealogy De Haan

This family de Haan originates from Heerenveen (Beneden Knijpe) in the Frisian province of the Netherlands and its vicinity.


This website is created and maintained by:
Johannes (Hans) de Haan, born Groningen 1951
At regular intervals, I try to deal with this family tree.
I would like to come into contact with relatives and researchers also dealing with these families.

date : December 2021


Patronymics : to make it clear that a name is a patronymic is will be followed by a quote (') or a colon (:) ; this represents the indication 'son of' or 'daugther of'.
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This site contains the families :
- De Haan (Friesland)
- Van der Tuin (Groningen, state and city
- Krabbendam (Zuid-Holland, Schiedam and Rotterdam)
- Willebrands (Zuid Holland, Rotterdam)
see familiestructure for the family relations.


If available, a photo is placed with a person.
When no photo is available (too far back in time), a signature is looked for from archived documents.
If the documents state that the person "has not learned the art of writing", the next image is used with the silhouette: